Social Media and Online Communities

Manufacturer-Specific Social Media and Online Communities

  • Advanced Bionics:
  1. Advanced Bionics Facebook Group:
  2. Advanced Bionics Hearing Journey Blog:
  • Cochlear Americas:
  1. Cochlear Community: The Cochlear Americas online community provides groups, stories, forum discussions, and community news.
  2. Cochlear Hearing Connections Blog:
  • MED-EL:
  1. MED-EL Facebook Group:
  2. MED-EL Blog:
  3. MED-EL HearPeers is an online community forum to connect people with hearing implants or people who are thinking about receiving a hearing implant.
  • Oticon Medical:
  1. Oticon Bone-Anchored Hearing Systems Blog:

Other Online Social Media and Online Communities

  • List of Bone-Anchored Hearing System Forums & User Groups:
  • Cochlear Implant Online Facebook Group: An online community for people with cochlear implants or are interested in learning about cochlear implants.
  • Cochlear Implant Experiences: An online group where people can share their cochlear implant experiences, ask questions, and/or share information with people who are considering one.
  • Say What Club: A non-profit, volunteer-run online community of around 400 late-deafened, hard of hearing and Deaf adults who provide support and encouragement to one another through email. Members are encouraged to exchange stories, advice, and more.
  • Say What Club Gen-Y: The Say What Club Facebook community for adults 18-40 years old who are hard of hearing, deafened, or have a serious interest in hearing loss.
  • Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) Online Forums: A great online community for people with hearing loss to give their opinions, start discussions, or make new friends.
  • Hear Ya Now: A community of hearing loss patients aged 18-40. Their mission is to unite young adults with hearing loss through social events and an online community where information is exchanged about resources, support, and advocacy. Website: Facebook group:
  • Hearing Impaired Singles: A Facebook community of single Hearing Impaired people who use hearing devices.




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