Patient File and Doctor Visits

Keeping an updated medical file is a helpful and important habit for health maintenance. Whether it is paper or electronic, a patient file can save tremendous amounts of time, energy, tax dollars, and frustration. Not only will a personal medical file be helpful for your current health care team, but it will also help with transitions in care, such as when seeing a new provider. Below is a list of what may be useful to include in this file. Please feel free to add documents to the file as you see fit and make this record your own:

  1. Basic Information

    1. Date of Birth

    2. Address

    3. Primary Phone Number

    4. Emergency Contact

    5. Insurance Information

  2. Medical History

    1. Medical Conditions & Dates

    2. Past Audiograms

    3. Healthcare Team

      1. Name, Address, Phone Number, Fax Number

    4. Allergies & Reactions to Medications

    5. Past Surgical History (Date, Location, Complications)

    6. Imaging CDs (CTs, MRIs, X-Rays) & Reports

  3. Medication List

    1. Name

    2. Indication

    3. Dose

    4. Frequency

    5. Start & End Date

    6. Route (Oral, Spray, G-Tube, etc.)

    7. Pharmacy & Fax Number

  4. Social History

    1. Occupation

    2. Loud Noise Exposures

    3. Smoking History

    4. Alcohol Intake

    5. Drug History

  5. Legal Documents

    1. Advanced Directives




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