American Sign Language (ASL) and Speech/Lip Reading Classes

  • DCARA’s Family Connections Program: Family Connections offers a range of classes, workshops, services, and family events to families of deaf children, including Family ASL Classes. Email: [email protected]. Phone: (510) 343-6670
  • Gallaudet University Regional Center (GURC) - West: The GURC-West provides a bevy of professional development opportunities for people who are deaf and hard of hearing, including ASL courses. Email: [email protected].
  • City College of San Francisco: Provides lip reading classes at three different locations in the Bay Area. For information regarding enrollment, email: [email protected]
. Phone: (415) 239-3285.
  • Other helpful links include:
  1. Many Bay Area schools provide ASL courses. See this page for a comprehensive list of Bay Area ASL offerings:
  2. The Hearing Loss Association of America-California has put together a list of lip/speech reading class locations in California:
  • San Francisco Public Library (SFPL) Deaf Services Center: Provides extensive support to persons with hearing loss, including library services in ASL, educational materials about ASL, assisted listening devices for SFPL events, ASL classes, and Deaf community-related research resources. SFPL additionally provides a list of Bay Area ASL classes on their website. Phone: (410 557-4434. Videophone: (415) 625-9082.




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